My work centers on found materials combining them with new graphics through printmaking, collage and sculpture. The work blends an interest of material manipulation in non-traditional way that is organized by significant dates, numbers, such as my height, age, and my living space locations. They are influenced by architectural elements and repetitive imagery coupled with context as an autobiographical content. The juxtaposition of graphics and found materials gives them a new life. In a way, they are abstracted reflections of my own existence, which is an assemblage of ongoing experiences.  My ultimate intention is to explore ready-made objects and materials while combining them with new graphics through printmaking. They correspond to layers of experiences and memories layered with personal metaphors.  The idea of using everyday discarded materials is what inspires the work compositions.  Each piece is unique and irreplaceable. All found materials are carefully selected and recombined to create a new form and point of view.  Discarded materials especially capture my attention when they are aged and looking worthless. The textures, shapes, and colors often bring out the connection I have from the present or past surrounding environments. My visual connection with the materials are combined and thus influence the final form. I  appreciate each material and object source, as does the Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi-sabi.